Second Bind is the #1 easy-to-use platform for students to sell school supplies! Do you have any of the following electronics to sell?

• Laptop / Desktop

• Phone

• Tablet

• Videocamera

• Smart Watch

• Drone

• Camera

• Camera Lens

• Don't see yours here? Just ask!

We will take the following as donations:

• Mouse

• Keyboard

• Paper Shredder

• Headphones / Earphones

• Monitor

• Computer Case

• Payment Processor

Printer / Scanner

• Software CDs

• Electrical Fan

• Calculator


• New technology replace old models quickly,

lowering the value of your electronics.

We don't waste a second!

• You plant a tree for every electronic you sell

• You help other students by giving a new life to your electronics for their school year

Describe the electronic item

you're ready to sell!

*We do not repair electronics.

Must be in working or mint condition!